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1 Carat Diamond Prices in Dubai

1-carat is one of the most desired of the carats, especially for a ring and necklace. People mostly go for a 1-carat diamond because of various factors. The major behavioral factor is that people do not like stuff in bits and pieces. Also, they offer a striking balance between value and size. Notably, one 1-carat diamond is not necessarily similar to the other. We have a vast collection of 1-carat diamonds in different shapes and features. There are significant differences in these diamonds even if they look the same. These differences show on the gemstones’ price as well.

1 carat diamond price

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Make a sparkling statement with earrings or rings featuring our brilliant 1-carat diamonds. Buy from our selection of diamonds with premium quality cuts and finish. As mentioned earlier, the price of a 1-carat diamond varies as per different factors. It is common knowledge that a diamond’s value is influenced by its four characteristics, the notorious 4Cs, color, cut, clarity, and carat. While the carat is uniform in the said context, the other characteristics differ and influence the diamond’s price.

A diamond’s shape also plays a decisive role in setting its price. The most popular shapes like princess cut and round brilliant make the price go up. The popular shapes cost higher, as is the basic rule of demand and supply. Moreover, shapes that are more yielding, i.e., involve minimal wastage of the rough diamond when it is being cut, come with reasonable prices. For instance, Marquise is a frugal shape and saves the diamond from getting wasted. It will set the price low. However, the major price determinants remain the 4Cs of diamond. A diamond’s cut impacts both its price and beauty. Normally, the price of a 1-carat diamond would range between $1800 and $12000. For both prices, you need to delve deeper to see if you are getting value for money.

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