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The trend of engagement rings is centuries-old, dating back to the 1840s in the US. They are a symbol of one’s love and commitment as well as a commemorator of that memorable day. The old, ancient style of an engagement ring was more elaborate and pristine. The majority of the rings sported a large diamond in the center and smaller ones circling around. Back then, the jewelers sought to include the maximum amount of diamond on the ring, as it was a sign of affluence.

This approach has been running through the generations where the size/value of the diamond was deemed directly proportional to the love one held for their significant other. However, things have changed now. Rings with small diamonds and lesser carats are equally acceptable. Corresponding to the diversified demand, we at, company’s name, provide a robust collection of diamond engagement rings that caters to various styles and budgets. Whether you desire a classic or a contemporary design, we have got you covered. We acknowledge that an engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewelry. We attempt to render our rings depictive of a story, an emotion, and above all, a reminder of your special moment. We also offer bespoke designs and let you create your own diamond engagement ring.

Settings for Diamond Engagement Rings

Our Popular Settings

Discover the ring that seems to be made just for your beloved and surprise them on your special day. Solitaire: Sporting a single diamond, this ring exudes class and elegance. The most popular ring setting, it augments the beauty of the diamond by drawing all the attention to the gemstone.

Halo: This setting has a large diamond in the center with the smaller ones surrounding it in a circle. It maximizes the brilliance of the center stone while enhancing the ring’s overall sparkle.

Prong: A common ring setting, it features the beautiful diamond at the metal bank supported by slim metal arms.

Three-Stone: With a sparkling trio of round, fancy diamonds joined in a perfect balance, this ring creates an appearance of exceptional beauty.

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