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A pendant made of diamond, with all its glory, is one of the most beautiful jewelry items. A diamond pendant never goes outdated. It imparts class and elegance to the person wearing it and complements the other jewelry items. Be it demure or delicate, this jewelry item can be way more than just an ornament. It can be a symbol or commemorator of a special occasion. A diamond pendant gives a personal spark and maintains the individuality of the person.

Design Your Own Diamond Pendants

We take pride in our expansive collection of diamond pendants boasting variety as well as quality. From traditional to modern, bold to contemporary, we have everything that comes in your mind. Whether you want to buy it as a gift or just add it to your collection of valuables, we will not disappoint you with our vast array of pendants meeting the needs of different budgets, styles, and personalities. Diamond pendants are usually accompanied by matching diamond stud earrings. However, we also provide the pendants separately.

You can also design your own pendant by choosing the setting and metal of your choice. The popular choices in metal include platinum, silver sterling, white gold, and yellow gold. The common settings for a diamond pendant are:

Prong: This setting involves small prongs that secure the diamond. This setting further varies based on the number of prongs, e.g., three-pronged setting and six-pronged setting. These styles are versatile and hold the capacity of being both elaborate and simple as per choice. They go well with brilliant cuts, as they enable the refraction of light.

Pavé: Pavé is one of the most difficult settings. It involves laying small gemstones very closely as the cobblestones are laid in a pavement, hence the name. In this setting, tiny holes (smaller than the gem’s diameter) are created on the metal and then the tiny stones are placed in them.

Bezel: In this setting, the metal band encircles either whole or a part of the diamond. It keeps the diamond secure and renders the pendant durable.

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