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Diamond experts and jewelers use diamond testers all the time to assess the gemstone’s authenticity. Everyone wants to know if they got the real deal when making a sizeable purchase like diamond jewelry. Testing the diamond’s authenticity becomes crucial when one intends to exchange or sell it. Moreover, if you want to get your diamond repaired, you need to ensure the setting and type of the gemstone, since these features influence the stone’s capacity to tolerate pressure, heat, and stress. To facilitate you in this process, we have a high accuracy diamond tester that is suitable for both novices and experts alike.

Our Portable Diamond Tester

Our portable diamond tester identifies if the diamond is real or fake. It provides precise, quick, and secure testing to distinguish diamonds from simulated stones. If the stone is fake, the device will show no reaction. Moreover, the device also gives audible signals to indicate the change in readings. You have to place a small, needle-like tip on the diamond to test it. The device will emit a sound signal and display it if the diamond is genuine.

Our testers employ electrical conductivity combined with heat for enhanced accuracy. Since diamonds are good conductors of heat, the thermal conductivity of the stone can tell if it is a diamond or not. The intimate you if you put the pin on the metal setting accidentally instead of the stone. That removes the uncertainty involved in the process and helps improve accuracy.

Our effective compact design enables you to take this tester with you when you go jewelry shopping. It is a very economical purchase, not even a fraction of the diamond’s cost. And nobody can put a tag on your peace of mind, which will definitely come with this diamond tester. So, you are getting off with a good bargain when you purchase this tester.

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