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Want your jewelry with green gemstones? Emeralds are not the only option. There exists a gemstone that is more exquisite, more sparkling, and more valuable than emerald: Green Diamonds.

Green diamonds are stunning gemstones with diverse shades ranging from lime to bright mint. You will also find subtle hues like olive and khaki in this category of colored diamonds. We have an expansive collection of green diamonds. Our idealistic craftsmanship delivers perfectly cut diamonds with impeccable finish and exquisite look.

Popular Settings For Green Diamonds

These gemstones are highly coveted and deemed as illustrious of nature. They denote freshness, harmony, and growth. They are extremely rare and second only to red diamonds. In fact, less than ten green diamonds enter the market every year. They rank 10 on the Mohs hardness scale and are as durable as conventional diamonds. There are many intensity levels for green diamonds that lead to multiple hues.

While the usual grading systems do not apply to the colored diamonds, several authentication agencies have developed separate grading scales for green diamonds. We provide certification with our diamonds regardless of the shape and size while ensuring that our articles are ethically sourced.

As for green diamond jewelry, the most popular settings include:

Solitaire: This simple and elegant setting with just one diamond looks exquisite. You can combine it with platinum to make it more sparkly or yellow gold to give a contrasting look.

Halo: Surround your unique green diamond with pave colorless diamonds. A halo setting makes the green diamond more prominent and renders the overall look stunning.

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