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This contemporary design with timeless appeal sports sharply cut corners with immense sparkle like a round brilliant cut. Its supreme sparkle owes it to more than 50 chevron-shaped facets combined with our exceptional craftsmanship. It has a square shape with pointed corners. Unlike round brilliant cut, this diamond’s shape is not standardized.

That means you can get creative with selecting the qualities and picking out the look of your choice. It can be cut for smoldering scintillation or bold light flashes. They can also have a rectangular or square profile. No matter what variation you choose, we ensure that you are getting the best of the best.

Settings For Princess Cut Diamonds

Initially called ‘Profile cut’ in 1960, this shape is timeless. Geometric and modern, the princess cut diamond is a perfect choice if you are looking for a bold jewelry statement. After the round brilliant cut, this style is a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. It is also a perfect fit for tennis bracelets, as this cut enables the small gemstones to be lined edge to edge and form a sparkly circle with seamless brilliance. It is also a popular choice for diamond stud earrings.

We provide a plethora of options in terms of settings and metal types to stage a princess cut diamond. You can design your own jewelry by selecting the setting and metal of your choice, which will be then set with a loose princess cut diamond. Here are the settings that look impeccable with this shape:

Solitaire: Simple and elegant, this setting has a center diamond secured by multiple small prongs, usually four and six.

3-Stone: Giving a contemporary twist to the jewelry, this setting has two small diamonds on the side and a large one in the center.

Halo: Brilliant and sparkling, this setting has paved diamonds surrounding a large center one.

Split Shank: In this setting, the metal band (shank) splits into two and surrounds the center stone. The metal band or the ‘shank’ is also lined with pave diamonds.

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