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Buying an engagement involves a lot of guesswork.  And one wrong guess can taint your perfect moment. Many people try to avoid this last-minute nuisance by letting their special one in in their ring shopping. However, that deprives them from the romance attached with surprise. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, huh? That is where proposal rings come in.

Proposal Rings Shopping Tips

Proposal rings are temporary diamond rings for asking one’s hand in marriage. They are kind of a placeholder ring, but they need to be stunning to signify the special moment of a couple’s life. As they are a placeholder, they do not have to be expensive but who says they cannot be exquisite? We are here to make your moment even more special by providing you the right proposal ring.

Our wide selection of proposal rings has multiple styles and shapes. We have a plethora of options catering to different budgets, personalities, and style preferences. While proposal rings are deemed as temporary, many people prefer it to be perfect. We provide multiple settings for the diamond proposal rings, but the most popular is solitaire because of its minimalist, simplistic design. Bezel setting is also popular for proposal rings. The popular shapes for this ring include round brilliant cut but they also come in princess and cushion cut. The available metal choices are platinum, white gold, yellow, rose gold, and sterling silver.

The most popular design for proposal rings is the one containing three round brilliant diamonds because of its symbolism. These three gemstones represent ‘yesterday, today, and tomorrow’ and denote the commitment to spend all these times together. We also provide unisex diamond rings as well as those designed specifically for men and women. We ensure that our rings are not just a piece of jewelry but capable of becoming a commemorator of a special moment.

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