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Red diamonds are the rarest of all colored diamonds. Having a unique, mysterious formation process makes them highly coveted gemstones. Because of high desirability, these diamonds have astronomic prices, but they provide value for money. We specialize in unique and natural red diamonds as well as exquisite red diamond jewelry among other colored diamond jewelry.

Why Red diamonds Are So Expensive

Red diamonds are so rare that only a few get discovered every year across the globe. While their rarity is a known fact, many people are unaware that red diamonds are not always of the same color. In fact, most of them are not pure red and have a modifying hue like brown or purple. A very few diamonds appear as red and they do not weigh more than 5 carats.

We sell natural colored diamonds that have multiple shapes other than round. You can pick radiant, emerald, pear, and oval cut diamonds. Round brilliant-cut diamonds in red color are the rarest of all and only a handful, less than 30, exist of these gemstones. You can get a reasonable package by consulting our diamond expert and that too without compromising on the uniqueness and beauty of the gemstones.

Our diamond expert is available to guide you throughout your shopping. For red diamonds, consulting an expert becomes even more important, especially when it comes to pricing. Prices are difficult to compare, as one red diamond differs drastically from the other one even if both have the same certificates. They differ based on how red they are, how dark or bright the shade is, and to what extent the secondary colors exist.

Here is our unique, expansive collection of red diamonds and their jewelry that can draw all the attention in your surroundings. We provide secure shipping, a lifetime guarantee, and authentic certification. Reach out if you have any queries.

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