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Simple and elegant, solitaire diamond rings are a timeless piece of jewelry. With their popularity dating back to the 19th century, these rings have stood the test of time. They are traditional and yet still in style. With a few bespoke touches, they can come off as anything to the tune of modern and bold.

Solitaire Diamond Rings Buying Tips

A solitaire diamond ring contains a plain metal band featuring a single diamond of any style and cut. Due to just one diamond in the center, the gemstone draws all the attention to its brilliance and sparkle, giving off a delicate, pristine look. Because of its effortless beauty, this ring is a popular choice for engagements, becoming a timeless mark of love and commitment. We at, company’s name, keep an exquisite collection that suits different styles and tastes. We are also mindful of people buying on budgets and have the best options for such individuals too.

Be it a one-carat or three-carat, we never fail to astound our customers with the variety in our rings when it comes to precious metals, diamond cuts and styles, and the weight of the gemstones. From platinum and white gold to rose and yellow gold, our rings feature metals that augment the diamond’s brilliance. You can also design your own ring as you please by choosing the setting of your choice. You can get our classic solitaire ring—a ring that exudes grace and lavishness despite being simple. You can pick a round or oval stone that may or may not be mounted as per your discretion with an optimal sparkle in natural light. A prong setting varies as per design and style with four or six prongs. These prongs also have different designs, e.g. rounded, pointed, V-shaped, and flat. Our prestigious artisanship also offers a split shank solitaire setting, knife-edge setting, old-mine cut, emerald-cut, and so on.

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